Signal Controllers

16.99 GBP
The BLOCKsignalling SPAD1 module is a detector which monitors the protected signal and when the signal is showing a red danger aspect the module watches for trains passing the signal. If a train is detected passing over the sensor on the SPAD1, it operates the SPAD signal further down the line. The operation exactly matches with the central red led lit, and the two outer leds pulsing on and off together. The SPAD signal continues flashing whilst the train is over the sensor. Once the train clears the sensor, the flashing ceases after 2 cycles (all settings are adjustable if required). Quick and easy to wire. Compatible with SPAD signals with a common-cathode from UK manufacturers. Operates from 8V to 25V DC, 10V to 16V AC, or from a DCC track feed. Resistors for the SPAD signal leds are built-in. Signal not included.